K. Lombardi Brand! Atlanta, GA, Raleigh, NC, Dallas, TX and Washington, DC's number one choice for esthetics, permanent makeup services, and beauty educational courses. We offer a wide range of services including brows, facials, semi-permanent eyelash extensions, waxing, and permanent make up. Our expert team will provide superior customer service while helping you achieve the perfect look.

K. Lombardi Brand also offers comprehensive training courses and quality products. We have perfected multiple popular crafts in a multi-billion dollar industry and are excited to share our knowledge with all aspiring students. Let us provide you with a pathway to become part of this profound and lucrative industry.

Our products have been thoroughly researched and quality tested. Results have shown they are effective and our users have made it one of the most sought after product lines in the market for our students and professionals across the United States, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Europe, and Africa.


Our mission is to provide quality products and skilled services along with comprehensive educational courses at an affordable price.

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